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Tools and Resources

LFI is committed to broadly supporting learning and innovation. By sharing tools for reflective practice, participatory approaches to evaluation, examples of innovative practice, and links to a variety of resources for transforming individuals and communities, LFI aims to create change beyond direct consulting relationships.

Participatory Evaluation Tools & Resources

Strengthening OVC Support Programs through Participatory Monitoring of Community-School Collaborations (Amulya, J.) Report sponsored by the Academy of Educational Development providing an example of participatory program monitoring aimed at developing program quality as well as capturing essential tracking data for evaluation purposes.

Community Knowledge Tools & Resources

Vital Difference: The Role of Race in Building Community (Amulya, J., O’Campbell, C., Allen, R., & McDowell, C.).  Report published by the Center for Reflective Community Practice at MIT based on the knowledge generated by community practitioners from five exemplary organizing groups who believe addressing race leads to more democratic communities.

Reflective Practice Tools & Resources

What is Reflective Practice? (Amulya, J.) Short piece explaining reflective practice and what it can do to enhance anyone's work.

Guide to Integrating Reflection in Field-Based Courses (Amulya, J.) Handbook for service learning providers and anyone else who wishes to include reflective practice in courses, programs, etc. Also available through the National Service Learning Clearinghouse.

Leading Significant Moments Reflection (Amulya, J.) Instructions for leading a group or team in Significant Moments Reflection following a meeting, conference or training session, or other time-bounded experience. The group can then share and discuss its Significant Moments to generate a record of shared learning. When used at a conference or training session, individuals attending can take their Significant Moments back to their workplace and apply them to their practice or a larger organizational learning process.

    Significant Moments Log For use in Significant Moments Reflection in a group or individual setting.

    Uses of Significant Moments Suggestions for concrete ways to use Significant Moments for learning and innovation.