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Welcome to Learning for Innovation!

Learning for Innovation specializes in evaluation, research, and writing aimed at strengthening practice and sharing effective models. LFI adapts state of the art research techniques to fit the complex reality of community change initiatives, projects in developing countries, innovative educational programs, workplaces, and communities of practice.

LFI's mission is to provide consulting that transforms and advances the work of programs and organizations. LFI's belief is that practitioners who have the right tools for learning and innovation will be most effective in changing the world. These tools include data and results as well as techniques for reflecting on assumptions and challenges.

LFI provides services in the following areas:

   * Research and Evaluation

   * Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

   * Proposal Development and Writing

   * Project Team Learning

   * Practice Development Coaching


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Featured Tool

Incorporating Practitioner Knowledge into Evaluation
Many evaluation projects aim to establish a "participatory" process, in order to engage key "stakeholders" in the research process. However, practitioners often don't "know what they know" -- they do not have access to the tacit knowledge they have gained through their work. Reflective practice tools are essential for ensuring this knowledge can be meaningfully incorporated into an evaluation project. This tool provides a basis for reflective practice. (See Tools and Resources for related tools.)
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