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About Joy Amulya

Joy Amulya, Ed.D., works domestically and internationally to promote research and practice in the planning, evaluation, implementation, and support of community, educational, and development initiatives. The primary focus of her work has been to apply her expertise in human development and research methods to create innovative approaches to evaluation and learning that are aimed at strengthening practice. Through pioneering research at the Center for Reflective Community Practice at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she co-developed Critical Moments Reflection, which has been implemented in nonprofit and for-profit organizations, educational institutions and programs, service learning courses, foundations, and international development projects. Joy started Learning for Innovation, Inc. to build an approach to program evaluation inclusive of community knowledge and supportive to practice development.

Joy has directed a number of multi-year evaluation projects, trained students in community research methods, and supported faculty in integrating tools for engaging the knowledge of practitioners into field-based courses. Her publications include Vital Difference: The Role of Race in Building Community, a report based on practitioner knowledge (co-authored with MIT’s Ceasar McDowell), as well as articles on community gardens and neighborhood health, community development approaches to HIV/AIDS, and reflective practice. Her current work is focused on community development, education, child development, women’s empowerment, community health, intercultural learning, and interdisciplinary research training.

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